Our range of services and offers is quite diverse and can solve any need.
Since our time is the most precious commodity we have, we appreciate every minute of it to help us solve our work.
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1C:Franchising «MASTER PRODUCTION» is a company specializing in the supply of equipment and software from leading world manufacturers.
Apart from organized time management, we are distinguished from other companies by the individual approach, consultation at any stage of the process, work on result.

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Профессиональная помощь по выбору ЗВУКовой техники для Production и BroadcastШирокий ассортимент продукции от ведущих производителей.

Микрофоны и аудиосистемы от мировых брендов: СОЮЗ / ADAM / Amphione / SHURE / SEINNHEISER и другие…



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