«MASTER PRODUCTION» is an experienced supplier of IT-goods, system equipment, peripheral devices for computer and communication equipment, data storage systems and software.
  • The company has unique experience in supplying
    equipment for a wide variety of tasks ranging from small
    private enterprises to industrial and production sector,
    financial institutions and government structures.
  • In the field of hardware, we supply almost the entire list of
    equipment from the world leaders of the industry. Special
    emphasis is placed on solutions from producers, such as:
  • We provide all variants of IT-services, which are
    aimed at efficient performance in the business
    sphere. We also offer solutions that minimize
    cost, resource and time as much as possible.
  • We can meet the needs of the organization
    through an integrated approach, regardless of
    size and type of activity.

Our company provides precisely those specialized specialists who fully correspond to the specifics, status, level of
development of your organization, project.

Full provision of accurate diagnosis of problems, treatment and prevention through data collection, short-term
monitoring, hardware and software maintenance, solutions development (choice of suitable means, optimal
solution, presentation to the Customer, training/selection of employees, coordination of changes and

For our clients organizational surveys (company/department), business process re-engineering, staff work cycle,
IT equipment are carried out and job descriptions, project and budget documentation are prepared.

All work is done quickly and confidentially

  • The company offers its products at the most attractive
    prices. Qualified managers will provide you with
    accurate information on availability and delivery
    dates, as well as help you to choose your solutions
    based on your needs and budget.
  • Regular clients of «MASTER PRODUCTION» are both
    small business enterprises and medium and large
    enterprises. What unites our clients is that they want to
    have a mandatory supplier, performing their work
    quickly and qualitatively.
We are committed to mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation in which the main qualities will be
professionalism, reliability and efficiency!

In the form of our company, each customer acquires a time-tested and responsible supplier:

  • All the equipment we supply is of high quality and sold at a good price
  • We always meet delivery deadlines and can guarantee the integrity of deliveries
  • We offer a wide range of products that will satisfy all customers` needs